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There is no "be all end all" for Lightroom presets. Every photo must be handled uniquely. I've seen many photographers offer presets for exorbitant prices, so I'm undercutting them by 98%.


Once you click the preset, some basic changes will be made on the photo's Lightroom settings. This will NOT magically make your photo look like the above image, but it will get you on the right track. 


Holding the shift key while double clicking the "Blacks" and "Whites" slider will automatically set their values, and Lightroom does a fine job of that. The same can be done with "Tint" and "Temp" sliders. If you don't like what Lightroom suggests, you may double-click the slider to return it to its previous position or manipulate them a bit to suit your taste.


Also, for best results you should shoot in raw format not .jpg. Most DSLRs are capable of this. 


Adobe Lightroom



Copy and paste the downloaded file to C:\Users\(your username\AppData\Roaming\Adobe\Lightroom\Develop Presets\User Presets

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